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caraid o'brien“Traditional medicine was unable to provide me with any pain management or treatments that helped. In the 20 years since I have been diagnosed, Viki was the first healer who helped me deal with this condition in a positive and helpful way.”

– Caraid O’Brien

cindy“Viki extracted what ailed me and I walked out a much younger version [of myself]. It never occurred to me it might simply be energy.

– Cindy Falteich

Routh“Through my work with Viki, I have been able to get to the root of my fears and clear them so that I am no longer held down by them. I have been able to access states of bliss that I had never experienced before.”

– Routh Chadwick

Shayne“My healing sessions with Viki have cleared negative forces from my work place, shed light on my personal fears and given me strength to embrace them. They have cleared physical discomforts and taught me that I can be a source of light and healing as well.”

– Shayne Mishoe

Nick“My work has become aligned with my purpose and abundantly profitable.”

– Nick Mishoe

Kelly“Viki is an authentic and compassionate healer. I have experienced powerful healing in her hands, and she has my highest recommendation.”

– Kelley Hails, MD

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